Release of the Parrot 3.10 OS Security

A Parrot 3.10 distribution is available, based on the Debian Testing package and includes a selection of tools for system security testing, forensic analysis and reverse engineering. For downloading a full iso-image (3.9 GB) is offered.

The Parrot distribution is positioned as a portable laboratory with an environment for security and forensic experts, the main focus of which is on the means for testing cloud systems and Internet-things devices. The structure also includes cryptographic tools and programs for secure access to the network, including TOR, I2P, anonsurf, gpg, tccf, zulucrypt, veracrypt, truecrypt and luks. The desktop is MATE.

In the new version, the system of isolated execution of applications, built on the basis of the firejail toolkit, in which namespaces, AppArmor and system call filtering (seccomp-bpf) are used for isolation, has been brought to a full state. The package database is synchronized with Debian repoits, the Linux 4.14 kernel, the Firefox 57 browser, the metasploit-framework 4.21, maltego 4.1 are updated. The composition includes a selection of programs for users who use Parrot to solve everyday tasks, for example, added a scheduler, a financial management system, TODO, an intellect-card builder.

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